Your Health Can Be Impacted By The Foods You Choose To Eat

Many men and women do not realize that the foods you choose can either help you to be healthy or can negatively effect your health. One of the foods you should be avoiding is any foods you get at a fast food place. These sorts of foods are loaded with bad fat and also have almost no nutritional value. In this article we're going to be going over foods that you need to be eating that can help you stay in good health.

Your state of health can be greatly improved by simply eating plenty of berries. The first thing you will learn about berries is just about any style of berry has a lot of vitamin C. Another thing you will understand is that the antioxidants in berries will be higher than just about any other food that you may select to eat and this can aid with your circulatory system. Another thing you will notice that these antioxidants can help you with is actually keeping your cells healthy, this can help your body to fight off a variety of diseases.

You must remember your mother and father telling you to make sure you eat your vegetables, that is mainly because this is extremely important for a healthy and balanced body. Potassium is one of the things that you will find in various vegetables, not to mention they also contain many different vitamins and minerals you will additionally need. As an example, broccoli has plenty of potassium to present you with your daily recommended allowances. Spinach can also be something that you may wish to start eating more of as it includes a lot more vitamins and minerals compared to other vegetables.

Also when you are searching for a snack to hold you over in between meals, grab a handful of nuts or perhaps seeds. One of many health benefits of these kinds of nuts and seeds is the Omega-3 and Omega-6 that can be obtained in them. These fatty acids are necessary to helping your body produce the proper quantities of hormones your body needs for a healthy way of life. Unless you get the fatty acids you need your body will actually not be able to generate a few of the hormones that it requires.

Most of your meals should also include fish like salmon or lean proteins, as these will also be in a position to help your health. You will find that salmon is additionally rich in Omega-3 and various other nutrients. Protein is important for your diet, however you do not need to eat a large amount, as a 3 ounces is all you really need. Additionally before preparing your steak you will need to trim the fat that you can see from it to keep from consuming extra fat.

Everybody likes to have dessert after their meals and if you are one of those men and women you may want to think about some citrus fruit. Citrus fruits in addition provide you with vitamin C, along with other vitamins as well as minerals that can help keep you healthy. Something you really should try for one of your desserts is to mix coconut with orange sections and top the mix off with a teaspoon of honey.

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There are individuals all over the world who wind up choosing program such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig so that they can start dropping the pounds that the want to lose. There a lot of people that would utilize these programs for a couple of months and end up giving up simply because they're not reaching their goals as quickly as they wanted to. Just so there aren't any misconceptions you need to realize that these sorts of programs can be successful for individuals when they understand that the need to do more than just eat right. In this post we're going to be checking out a number of the extra things that you need to be adding into your weight loss program in order to achieve the weight loss you're trying to find.

I'm sure you have been told that you need to have to drink a lot of water when you are trying to drop some weight but it is also important to remove coffee as well as other beverages from your diet. You need to realize that you wind up with toxic elements inside your body each day and by drinking a large amount of water you will be flushing these out of your system. These toxic compounds that you could find inside your body will wind up blocking a lot of the nutrition that your body receives so it will not be working correctly. Of course once these harmful toxins are gone you'll start to process the nutrition that your system needs in order to lose some weight effectively.

The next thing you are going to need to do is to begin getting some exercise because this is going to be very important with your weight loss goals. You need to comprehend that if you consume 2000 calories in a day, but you are getting absolutely no type of exercise you are going to probably not be burning off the calories you're taking in. When it comes to exercising and creating a certain amount of muscle you're going to see that the muscle itself actually has the ability to burn up more calories than fat does.

Of course many individuals who are overweight can't simply start hitting the gym as this is something that is in fact not good for them as a result of health risks. You can start getting your exercise each day by simply doing 5 or 10 sit up's and pushups each morning and at night, and going for a 1/2 hour walk somewhere each day. When you start seeing some results from the exercises you are doing you're going to discover that by increasing these slowly over time you're going to end up losing more and more weight every week.

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Health Checks You ought to Do Regularly

There are a massive amount people who refuse to go to a doctor until they feel so sick that they are worried they can't look after themselves anymore. The fact is that a lot of the more serious illnesses out there could easily be cured in the beginning or avoided altogether if people just kept better track of their health. This means that you need to check out a variety of things regularly even if you don't feel sick. Here are a few of the necessary health checks that should be performed regularly.

You will never be too old to evaluate your own height. There is a actual reason that physicians can make you stand against the height charts on the wall when you visit them--no matter what kind of doctor it is that you are seeing. People really do shrink when they get older. People lose close to half an inch of height over the course of each decade after they turn forty. After a person gets to the age of seventy, this rate increases. If you happen to be losing more than that or are losing height before you turn forty this can be a sign of osteoporosis or other health problems. This is the reason why it is vital that you keep a very close eye on your height�even if you only measure yourself at home.

Keep a close eye on your own blood pressure. Blood pressure is known to help with things such as stroke, hypertension, heart attack and other health risks. It is essential to keep your blood pressure low--not unhealthfully low, of course, but within a good range for your age, height and weight. Ask your doctor what your ideal blood pressure numbers need to be and then check routinely to make sure that you are staying on track. Just about every single pharmacy and grocery store have got a blood pressure checker that you may use for free or for a really low price. If the numbers don't seem right to you, consult your doctor what you should do for getting back on track (and to find out what is making your numbers change). Keeping your blood pressure inside proper range can help you fight off all sorts of illnesses.

Check your hearing a lot. Hearing loss is something we typically don�t learn to notice until it is too late. Loss of hearing can result in loss of cognitive function as well as emotions of isolation and other detrimental psychological issues. If you can find free screenings in your area, take advantage of them and make sure to ask your doctor to do regular checks whenever you are in for a visit. This will help uou take steps to preserve your hearing for as long as possible.

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Increasing the step count can be done easily using these obvious methods. Taking the stairway as an alternative to riding the elevator is a basic example of this. You could also decide to park far from the entry way of the store or the mall. Keep the car in one spot and walk your bags and boxes out to the car after you finish shopping in each store instead of just carrying more and more things with you as you run your errands and go shopping. Choosing public transit is fantastic because doing so includes a walk to and from a bus or train stop which is excellent for increasing your step count. Obviously, simply just taking a short walk each day is also wise.

There are also some less obvious methods to increase the amount of steps you take each day. Set up a grocery store shopping list differently. Lots of people arrange their lists in line with the aisles of their stores. Organize your own list in different types such as dairy, meat, produce, snacks, etc. Simply shop straight down the list from here. You could find yourself making several trips back and forth across the store, but it is a great way to increase your step count. Instead of getting a mail box in your door or attached to the house, mount it on a post close to the curb. This is the reason why the very simple act of checking your mailbox can add a couple dozen steps each day.

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By now you in all likelihood know precisely which item in your medicine drawer does what. You know that if you are having acid reflux, you should eat an antacid. You know that when you have an allergic reaction you need to take an antihistamine. You know to take ibuprofen or Tylenol or a similar pain killer when you are experiencing a headache. But did you know that the items in your medicine box can be used to cure all types of other problems also? Look at these uncommon cures for everyday household problems.

You know that antacids like Alka-Seltzer can help you fight heartburn or stomach troubles. Did you know, however, that you can use Alka Seltzer (and other antacids) to take away the sting of a bug bite too? This is because nearly all antacids like Alka Seltzer come with aspirin which helps reduce the pain and stinging you feel when you are bitten. Make a paste from a smashed up tablet of antacid, a little bit of oatmeal and a little bit of water. Apply it over the affective area and you will observe that it stops hurting almost instantly. This typically works so much better than the products that are intended for the same purpose, like calamine lotion.

You already know that mouthwash can help you stop halitosis but did you know that it can cure athlete's foot as well? Alcohol-based mouthwashes in them are terrific for helping your feet and toes continue to be clean and healthy. Try soaking a cotton ball in your alcohol based mouthwash and then rub the cotton ball over the soles of your feet and between your toes after each shower. The alcohol found in the mouthwash will kill any fungal infections that could be trying to take hold.

Ordinary baking soda has been used for decades for teeth cleaning. Besides, it is effective as a tooth whitener and a very good oral hygiene scrub. Did you know, however, that you can use baking soda to treat skin conditions like sunburns as well? Baking soda's properties have been knowne to have a neutralizing effect on your skin's pH balance. To get as much relief as possible, pour one cup of baking soda into your bath water--under the running tap of water--wait until it has entirely dissolved and then soak in the water for roughly thirty minutes.

You know that aloe vera works wonderfully in treating burns. Aloe vera can soothe the skin and help relieve the pain of everything from sunburns to second-degree burns. However, did you know that aloe vera can eliminate canker sores also? The same things found in aloe vera that soothe skin burns heal canker sores. Research has established that people who treat canker sores with aloe vera heal as much as 50 percent quicker than people who use ordinary canker sore remedies.

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free adult 3g live webcam betetaab Gqwerpo765NbMM This area of Johns Island is on its way towards the plush Kiawah Island resort, but only minutes from downtown Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, I I from N. Chas., Summerville, Ladson, Goose Creek etc. and most areas of Mt Pleasant so although it appears remote, it really is quite close to everything.

If youve been contemplating a date, but have been hesitant, email your maybe contact an invitation to this party. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If he she doesnt show, its probably for the better...whew

Posted AM Thanks Linda Mae. Its at pm as sunset will be closer to pm. Arrive as early as you want to, as the views and breezes are gorgeous. The event time got overlooked by me in my posting, and I believe once the main event title gets posted, I cant change it, but I did include it in the body of my letter. Thanks again for making me aware of it.

Posted PM Im in Savannah, but an going to try and come, if I can get a couple of my friends to join me. Sounds like a wonderful place.

I have to ask why this is on a week day Most people can not make a midweek trip, let alone get up the next morning after a good night of fun. I do think we would get more of a turn out with a saturday event.. but none the less I would love to come but cant make a mid week thing.. Hope all have a blast....

Posted PM I hope you can make it from Savannah, MizEm. It sounds like it depends on whether you can find friends to come along with you

This is the th POF group social that Im hosting since April one a month. The April one was on a Wed. evening and although members attended, I had questions about some members difficulties with weekday scheduling. The next two May June were on weekends, and I also had responses from many that Some of us people need something to do on weekdays.

So Im trying to make everyone happy. Because by POF rules, Im allowed hosting two group socials a month, I may have one on weekends and the other on weekdays. Then we should have one satisfied family. We will experiment with scheduling and see what works best.

By the way, I already have the August social planned, also in an outdoor scenic utopian venue to be announced later, but please everyone, offer me suggestions for subsequent venues, especially for the colder months.

Posted PM Thanks, I for one would appreciate the weekend, but the event locations sounds good I am taking leave to be there. LindaTMae

Posted PM Imalso planning on taking vacation time to come. Gives me a good excuse to go to the beach.

Posted PM Thanks lindaTMae and misterdj above. It appears that the August event should be scheduled on a weekend evening.

Posted PM I would love to know how the party turned out as I had to work. It sounds like a great place. I hope I can get to the next one.

Posted AM Every party weve had so far wps has been good with most having good fun and no complaints on these remark forums. The only complaints that Ive been having up to now is a debate on whether to hold these on weekends or weekdays, but this is a good thing because your opinions are needed to make informed decisions.

Posted PM Cmon gals, girls, ladies, women, females, whatever you like to be called, get the guys out. It does appear that more ladies RSVP while more of the guys just show up. Is there a hidden message there

I will have a mass emailing to all local POF members two weeks before the event. If the ratios arent close to even, I will put out a call to the guys with something like Hey dudes, whats the deal with all the pretty ladies out there...are you all too shy...or are they just too much for you

Posted PM Do you have to pay to get in or for parking Also, Im handicapped and in a wheelchair and I was wondering how accessible the place is

Posted PM beriffe, this cafe was just built, so I imagine they have to follow all guidelines to wheelchair access. A quick phone call there should answer all your questions in detail. Although close to the city of Charleston, it is situated in the boon dogs. Us boon dog people absolutely hate to pay for parking. Verdict FREE PARKING. Amen

Posted PM Would very much like to join you all since I am new to the Charleston area but Im scheduled to work that night nd shift. If you have one of these on a weekend Ill be there.

Posted AM Hi, Yall just wondering how the party went as i I had to work. Would love to have another opportunity like that one. Take Care and Good luck.

Posted AM It looks like a beautiful place to meet new people and have a good time. count me in.


Protecting Your Children Online

Cyber-bullying, online predators and even more horror stories are all things we have have heard can happen to children when they are online.

The bad things appear to be much more common as the media mostly focus on them. Although, you should definitely be careful about your children's safety when they are online. We are going to look at some tips in this article to keep your kids as safe as possible when they are online.

Sometimes it is other children that are from your child's school or neighborhood rather than an anonymous predator. Cyber-bullying is a new term that's used to describe bullying and other forms of harassment that occur online. Emails, social network sites or instant messages can all be used to do this. Unfortunately because of these tactics, some children have committed suicide.

Although this extreme is not normally reached, you still need your child to have open lines of communication with you in case this happens. There are several things that you can do if you find out your child is being bullied online, such as telling the site the bully is using, informing the school of the other child or contacting their parents.

Parents may seem overly protective when they want to know everything about your friends, but when you are a parent you will understand. Wanting to protect your children from bad things happening, is a good enough reason for this. Knowing what your child is up to can be important, but maybe knowing their online friends may be crucial. It is easy enough for the parent to get sucked in, so even more so with young children. Instruct your children to keep quiet about personal information, especially if they have never met in person, and try to keep aware of their online friends. They should never give out their address or home phone number or send pictures of themselves to strangers.

For both adults and teens alike, Facebook is one of the most popular meeting places on the internet. You really need to realize that your child must not be going on Facebook at all if they're not in their teen years. Facebook does not permit anyone under 13 to register an account, although many kids manage to get around this rule. You do not want your child to lie about their age in order to get a Facebook account. Young teens are allowed to use Facebook, but keeping a close eye on what they do is advised. If you don't have an account yourself, get one and befriend your kids, whether they like it or not! This will help you keep track of who their friends are, what they're posting, who's posting on their wall, etc.

ousands of divorced men behidn you who know the hurt and the pain, and know you can get through it to a brighter tomorrow.
February th, I have read all of the comments written by those that have read your ebook and by those, like myself, who are contemplating buying it.
Unfortunately, I can identify with many of the situations of the authors of these post. I am very near the end of a year marriage. By all accounts, a good marriage. Some arguements, but never physical. beautiful children,,, and twin y.o.,we were moving toward financial strength, respected members of the community, volunteers, and in general,a happy couple.
Now, she has decided she doesnt love me like she should.I asked what she wanted changed about us, and made a genuine effort to do so, but it hasnt helped. We are together for now, pending the end of the school year.
I am already feeling the grief and lonliness of a failed marriage as well as wondering how to face my children and explain that daddy cant stay at home anymore. I break down into tears just thinking of how they will handle it.
Along with this, I am faced with the reality that I will be in financial ruin when the divorce is finalized. Paying child support while trying to pay bills that were once held jointly, a new household, and cost associated with them.
We continue to talk and are very civil to each other. Move through day to day activities much the same as we have for the past years. I am more in love today than years ago. I would love to think that things could be worked out, but sadly I dont believe they will. My question is, is it too soon to read your book while also desperately trying to bail water from a sinking ship
I cannot say how you might react to the book in the situation you are in. Sometimes it might feel to seen to look at how to move on when you are not in the headspace to do so and it might just seem hard to read.
However, the information in this will help even in your situation if you are prepared to take it in and action it when you are able. You might even be able to see the psychology of some of the things you are doing or feeling now as well.
My only caveat is that no matter how well a man moves on from divorce we all need time to grieve and sort out the emotions that are in such turmoil. The difference is how fast you can move through the grief and repair your life without falling back into depression of anger. That is what the book can help you with just make sure to give yourself the time to grieve as well, as long as you have the understanding of what that means and how it will end well if you let it
I sympathise with the situation with the children however. There is nothing great you can do about that but be as available to them as possible, and to continue to be civil with your partner so that you provide a strong united front to them, their care, and both your love towards them. If your wife is prepared to do this you are in the best position you can be in even though it will hurt like hell.
Like everyone else visited the site, I am at the edge of the marriage breakdown. Me and my wife were married for years, we were happy in general however last september she started rock climbing and fall in love with another guy that meets her interests, I am pursuing my higher level education hence I was not be able to be with her all the time for social activites, we are separated and she is living with this guy now. What hurts me alot right now is that we did not separate fiendly, she changed her attitude netagively towards me, like i raped her in the past and I am the worst person in the world, she was overweight and she lost weight a lot and maybe attracted othe rmen I am not quite sure, but it seems like years of marriage did not mean anything to her. We do not have kids, I am listening subliminal techniques and doing some meditation but I am still struggling and crying a lot what she has done to me and our marriage,time to time I am blaming myself for not being near her enough hence she found out other men
Would your book help me to get me out of this depression state I cannot imagine her with another men, i thought she belonged to me her body and her but now it really hurts a lot.
My book will help you deal with all the terrible things that come after divorce including depression and anxiety. I will not tell you that after reading you will suddenly have a life changing experience, but the lessons learned form my own divorce and talking to many other divorced men will serve you well and give you a roadmap to get out of that depressive pit that divorce thrust you into.
Remember, do not blame yourself. Women and some men too tend to find excuses for their own poor behaviour such as sleeping around after the fact. It is easier for them to blame you than blame themselves and often their new partners will encourage this behaviour.
In the end, you cannot change them the only thing you can control if your own life, your own words, your own actions, and the way you think. This is enough to turn your life upside down and start again with a better outcome.
February th, i cant sleep cant eat i cry at work , i fel like if i am going crazzy . my exwife to become just stop loving me. she tells me that she cares but as friends. when she say that it kills me. she has lots of guy frieds and she tells me that she does not want to be with no one.but shes text guys in front of me. i just want to not care like the way shes doing it. i wanna move on. shes doing it help help please
You need some space away from her. She obviously has no empathy for yoru situation and so will make it much worse with her uncaring actions. The more you are around her, the more you will obsess over her, and the less time you will have in your own head to sort things out.
It is a painful process divorce, I would suggest finding another place to live as soon as possible. Focus on yourself, not what she does, and you can begin to understand your own internal voice not the fear and anxiety that is assaulting you now.
As I write this, my husband is processing our divorce. He cheated and he wants it. I love how you try to respond to the men whove posted. Ive been looking for a similar website for women, but all I find is a lot of hate and dark places. I commend you.
Thank you for the kind words, and it is a great shame you cannot find any support from women. When I looked I thought I saw a lot of helpful advice and communities for women. Perhaps there is a taint there as you suggest, people in dark places spreading toxicity not help. Feel free to comment on the blog though, I do not restrict the conversation to just men. Sex chat womens large 12ebe13et
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i am and have gone to see a gynecologist. i want to go somewhere confidential without a parent. i know i should go because it is the right thing to do when your sexually active. what do you think of planned parent hood and would that be a good option for me.
i understand if women would rather have another woman examining them, but lets face it, these people have gone to school for this. this is their job further more, men HAVE to have another doctor in the room with them.
I go to a male Gynecologist, and I have no problem with it. I actually feel more comfortable.
That hurt so bad, my DR. couldent even finish. That was some kinda pain. If you dont masterbate often with vibraters or whatever and are still a virgin, it sucks. The nurse said to just wait untill I start having sex, so it wont hurt that much. Cant they just put you to sleep Seriously, not everyones loose.
I have always been more comfortable with female healthcare providers, but I will never go anywhere near a male gynecologist ever again because I was abused by a male gynecologist in . The man harassed me for more than five years afterwards. He is still out there practicing medicine in Southern California, although he was recently placed on seven years probation for
First of all, the Bible preaches against SEXUAL contact with a man who is not your husband, not contact for medical purposes. The fact that the exam involves examining parts used for reproduction does not make it sexual. The Bibles description of sexual contact describes laying with each other for pleasure, not swabbing the cervix with a q tip or whatever, and examining the cells under a microscope for cancer.
I hope he felt as bad being called a rapist as he made me feel by lying and violating me. It was not about sex, it was about power.
I will never trust that the exam is for any medical purpose except that the doctor wants to humiliate women for their sexual activity. Why else would doctors demand such exams just for birth control pills
It is true you must take care. These doctors are trained from med school how to take advantage of women and get away with it. Most women are lied to about surgery. We think women docs are taking care of us, but once sedated in comes four or more male residents and a team of students, to help with prep, line up six and twelve at at time to perform practice breast, pelvic, and rectal exams, and perform surgeries women think other women are performing from GYN to mastecomies.
In fact, there have been already noninvasive, more accurate tests been invented to test for HPV and other diseases, like the CSA blood test and several others. They are not being offered to women because the traditional pap smearpelvic exam gives the medical industry too much money, power and control over women.
They took me to the Oral Surgery clinic, and Xrayed my jaw. They never indicated how many teeth that they were planning to extract.
They just shoved a consent form for me to sign under my nose, which I did, because I trusted their judgment. I was so naive about doctors back then.
They finally removed the breathing tube after days. They wanted to keep me in the hospital, until my lungs cleared. After they finally discharged me, It took me months to open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich I also endured massive diarrhea for a week, waiting half a day to get prescriptions filled in their in their Pharmacy, another tooth extraction which was painful, even after shots of Novocain, having to eat babyfood for weeks, and being too weak to perform normal everyday activities.
The American medical establishment, has taken advantage of female patients for decades. They
procedures. Male psychiatrists have preyed on their emotionally vulnerable female patients,
As I mentioned you have a right to your own religious beliefs, as I do mine. I am an atheist, for many reasons. First of all, I believe in the irrefutable evidence of evolution. Also, Patriarchal religion was and is womanhating, and homophobic.
I had addressed my comments to both you and Stephen, since you both were insistent about your religious beliefs.
I hope that by contacting me, you both become more openminded, and tolerant of those who have different religious beliefs than you.
Hope I was able to educate you both, on what women go through. Religion is a whole separate
I read a few comments here, and I have to tell you that the IQs of women posting here seem to be between and , no more.


Making Sure Your Kids are Safe When Surfing the Internet

Children like to explore and push parents to the limit, so being a policeman while they surf the internet will probably bring the wrong results. How do you give your children freedom, but watch them at the same time.? As long as you communicate with your children, and build trust, they will know how to avoid trouble, or tell you about it. Guidance is what parents are supposed to be providing their children from the moment they are born. The following are some helpful hints on how to protect your kids online while still giving them some degree of freedom.

If you give your children too much freedom to view the Internet while alone, they may go to websites that you don't allow. Children might need a certain amount of alone time on a computer with the Internet, but a responsible parent will monitor them to some extent, because there are some dangerous places. The places in the house where the whole family goes, is the place where the computer should be that the younger children are allowed to use. Looking at websites online in their own room, is not a very good idea, especially for young children. Knowing what sites your children are looking at, and who they are talking to, makes you a wise parent.

Children mostly know not to respond to predators, so if they are approached in most cases nothing will come of it. If someone succeeds in making contact with your child then something you need to be alert of are the warning signs of this.

If your child is involved in any unusual phone activity, this could be cause for concern. Similarly, if he or she receives any packages or gifts from someone you've never heard of, you should investigate. If your child is being secretive about being online, on the phone or with any offline activities then you should be on the look out for it.

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Exhausted All Of The Time - Here Are Some Tips To Help

Cast your mind back to your childhood days: is it not true that you had a full tank of energy the whole day, and thoughts of exhaustion only entered your mind when you were told to go to bed. This is exactly how life is meant to be with you living your life to the full followed by a good restful sleep during the night. Probably with age you have become like many other people, always feeling tired and lethargic. It generally means limited quality time with your children and your significant other, and non-participation in activities, because you are too exhausted. If being worn out is affecting your life, the advice that follows could turn things around for you.

Begin with a medical examination, in order to ensure that there aren't any physiological causes underlying your listlessness. It's also advisable to record the foods you consume and your energy levels, because often food can be the source of the problem. Constant fatigue sometimes points to gluten intolerance, and to fix this requires a serious dietary adjustment. It could also just be that your diet doesn't pay sufficient regard to what are known to be bad choices, so a number of smart changes here could have a big impact. Any excess weight you carry is a strain and will chew into your available energy, so focus on eating more health-consciously daily.

When you were a kid you were probably on the move most of the time, dashing around joyfully, and maybe this invigorated you and kept your apparent level of energy up. Part of the process of getting older appears to be that people become less physically active and do simply nothing quite a lot more than when they were younger. It is possible that just introducing more activity, more movement, walking outside in the fresh air, could change you from feeling tired to more energetic. It might be the last thing on your mind when you are tired but by starting to take some exercise, you may start to reverse the undesirable effects of a sedentary lifestyle. An option worth considering is signing up for a fitness class - there are classes for all age groups - and you may even meet a few new buddies.

An undue amount of stress in your life will leech your energy and could manifest as tiredness even after a night's sleep. It will also make it difficult to sleep well, so make learning the art of rest a target. This could actually be combined with making a commitment to exercise based on the type of activity you pick. Additionally, you will sleep better and feel much better, more energized, in the mornings.

You are likely to gain in energy and be tired less often if you start putting the above suggestions into practice.

s will make you sound more or less interesting you have to make sure that you are honest about what you want and who you are. If you end up finding a person and hitting it off with them they will not know anything about you if you have a lot of made up stuff about yourself. Make sure that you tell them things that are actually true.
You absolutely cannot go wrong with humor. Even if you have a really odd sense of humor you will find that the sooner that the other person knows that, the sooner you will find if you both will hit it off or not. You need to be with a person that can make you laugh and smile or you are going to be miserable while you are with them.
If you are wondering if online dating is for you, then there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. You will find that online dating is something that can be very beneficial if you are trying to find the right person to date without having to go out to find them. Just make sure that you understand the different aspects of online dating before you decide whether or not it is something that you want.
You will find that a lot of people prefer to go out and try to meet people the old fashioned way. However, this is something that can really be difficult to do. You will find it hard to learn a lot about a person just from seeing them across the room. It can be really frustrating for you to try to find a person that is going to be worth your time and your efforts whenever you are trying to seriously date a person.
When it comes to online dating you will have a lot more options. You will get to choose dating sites that are made specifically for people that have the same interests as you. There are dating sites that are for people of a certain religion, age, race or sexual orientation.
Teen dating is one of the toughest phases for many teenagers to go through. Most of the dating advice that you can research and find does not really apply to ...
When it comes to dating and finding true success in the dating game, there is no carbon copy recipe for success. Every one is different and everyone is looking for ...
Everyone has had or has one. The office crush, the girl who works at the coffee shop, or the guy who walks past your office every day at pm. We ...
Historically, men have dominated the dating world when it comes to planning or preparing...
Romance can be expensive, especially if you have kids There are babysitters to think about and pay and that is before you even look at how much dinner in a nice restaurant will cost plus taxi rides so that you can enjoy the overly priced bottle of wine when you get there. In the current... Read more of this review
First date had always been romantic for most people. It is during this time that a person is in love and experiences having butterflies in their stomach for the reason that he or she is with the person he or she loves most. First date is also one important event whereas the pressure is there because one needs to impress his... Read more of this review
Teen dating is one of the toughest phases for many teenagers to go through. Most of the dating advice that you can research and find does not really apply to your situation. Teen dating is a completely different ball game. A common problem that teenagers run into when dating, is coming up with an idea for the date. Often times, even if the person you... Read more of this review
Often times, you only get one chance to impress a potential suitor. A lot of stress is put on the first date and it becomes hard to create good first date ideas. If things go wrong, then the chances of you getting a second chance are very slim. So, how should you go about planning a first date What aspects should you consider Of course, there... Read more of this review
Ever tried to find love through your computer Online dating has grown into a large, billion dollar industry over the past years, and has become a mainstream way to meet your future mate. However, a new study, led by Northwestern University Associate Professor of Social Psychology, Eli Finkel, examines the truth behind online dating sites, and the bold claims that sciencebased algorithms will find your soulmate.
Finkel, along with four other coauthors, reviewed over psychological studies in their page analysis. The scope of the article covers general sites like Match and OkCupid, as well as niche sites, family matchmaker sites like Kizmeet, videovirtual dating sites like WooMe, selfreport algorithm sites like eHarmony, websites like ScientificMatch and even mobile dating apps such as Zoosk and Badoo. Beyond the scope of the article are sites like Craigslist, hookup sites, infidelity sites, websites for group dates, social networking Facebookesque destinations and MMORPGs like WOW.
The report begins by showing that the stigma of dating websites being an online cantina of the unsociable, the inept and the sleezy antisocial, has been shed in recent years. Since , and more drastically in the early s, a substantial number of singles have met partners through online dating sites. Match claims that at least in relationships begin online.
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I work at an I.T. college so everyone there is into computers, Its only a matter of time before that happens.... I see someone on a site that walks into class.
We have had an unbelievable amount of members join the site recently from my home town.... like i said a matter of time lol.
At least you know what she looks like straight off. And how good or bad her personality is.
I wonder what the stats are in relation to computer sales ISP account signups for those people who purchase a PC get online purely with the intention of using a dating service
I cant see that happening but many people who already have a computer and already have an ISP and have hours to spare late at night when the pubs n clubs are closed manage to meet someone new... so good luck to them i say.
what about a lady who does have a pc etc... never been to a pub... we are not starting a thread to convert her into becoming a pub chic.. nor are we planning to convert everyone here.. just saying they have a need for many and the original topic was what are the best ones so the need arose for someone .
My old man was divorced a few years ago and he used to use RSVP, Dad was at the time. He met loads of women through it and went on loads of dates, they have nights aswell where a bunch of ppl all meet up and get to know each other in a pub or something of the sort.
Yes my dad was looking to marry someone younger then his youngest child, NO he went out with women of his own age. You be suprised how many something women there are on that site.
Dont waste your time with sites... as people have mentioned just go to the local pubs or even look in your local paper for classes or hobbies to help you meet people.
some dont have time to go to bingo etc and hope they meet someone whos looking for a relationship.
Dating sites can be accessed and it takes mins to find someone who is looking for love... then you send photos watch their video view their cam them meet... all in a time thats conveinient for you.
LOL. so you dont think its an advantage to see them on cam before you actually meet up with them Fair enough. power to ya.
Having said that .. you cn meet a lot more people a lot easier on the web and then you meet them at a pub or take them for dinner seeing as you have developed a click already anyway
oh, and i have never met a girl at my local pub. theyre usually too full of yobbos playing pool.
I have a few friends who have found love on From what they tell me it is the best of these three albeit a little more expensive
Off the top of my head I can think of of my friends who found their ideal partner on there...
another just broke up due to cultural differences well i consider it racist parents but lets not go there.
Any site could have who youre looking for I met my missus on lavalife, a friend of mine met her man on RSVP, another friend hooked up with a series of women from MSN and yahoo. So no harm in setting up profiles and searching around on a few different sites. Within a few evenings youll get a good idea of each sites features and whether that site might have what youre after.
Any site could have who youre looking for I met my missus on lavalife, a friend of mine met her man on RSVP, another friend hooked up with a series of women from MSN and yahoo. So no harm in setting up profiles and searching around on a few different sites.


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Casual Sex Chat visit the up coming document Gqwerpo765NbMM This area of Johns Island is on its way towards the plush Kiawah Island resort, but only minutes from downtown Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, I I from N. Chas., Summerville, Ladson, Goose Creek etc. and most areas of Mt Pleasant so although it appears remote, it really is quite close to everything.
If youve been contemplating a date, but have been hesitant, email your maybe contact an invitation to this party. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If he she doesnt show, its probably for the better...whew
Posted AM Thanks Linda Mae. Its at pm as sunset will be closer to pm. Arrive as early as you want to, as the views and breezes are gorgeous. The event time got overlooked by me in my posting, and I believe once the main event title gets posted, I cant change it, but I did include it in the body of my letter. Thanks again for making me aware of it.
Posted PM Im in Savannah, but an going to try and come, if I can get a couple of my friends to join me. Sounds like a wonderful place.
I have to ask why this is on a week day Most people can not make a midweek trip, let alone get up the next morning after a good night of fun. I do think we would get more of a turn out with a saturday event.. but none the less I would love to come but cant make a mid week thing.. Hope all have a blast....
Posted PM I hope you can make it from Savannah, MizEm. It sounds like it depends on whether you can find friends to come along with you
This is the th POF group social that Im hosting since April one a month. The April one was on a Wed. evening and although members attended, I had questions about some members difficulties with weekday scheduling. The next two May June were on weekends, and I also had responses from many that Some of us people need something to do on weekdays.
So Im trying to make everyone happy. Because by POF rules, Im allowed hosting two group socials a month, I may have one on weekends and the other on weekdays. Then we should have one satisfied family. We will experiment with scheduling and see what works best.
By the way, I already have the August social planned, also in an outdoor scenic utopian venue to be announced later, but please everyone, offer me suggestions for subsequent venues, especially for the colder months.
Posted PM Thanks, I for one would appreciate the weekend, but the event locations sounds good I am taking leave to be there. LindaTMae
Posted PM Imalso planning on taking vacation time to come. Gives me a good excuse to go to the beach.
Posted PM Thanks lindaTMae and misterdj above. It appears that the August event should be scheduled on a weekend evening.
Posted PM I would love to know how the party turned out as I had to work. It sounds like a great place. I hope I can get to the next one.
Posted AM Every party weve had so far wps has been good with most having good fun and no complaints on these remark forums. The only complaints that Ive been having up to now is a debate on whether to hold these on weekends or weekdays, but this is a good thing because your opinions are needed to make informed decisions.
Posted PM Cmon gals, girls, ladies, women, females, whatever you like to be called, get the guys out. It does appear that more ladies RSVP while more of the guys just show up. Is there a hidden message there
I will have a mass emailing to all local POF members two weeks before the event. If the ratios arent close to even, I will put out a call to the guys with something like Hey dudes, whats the deal with all the pretty ladies out there...are you all too shy...or are they just too much for you
Posted PM Do you have to pay to get in or for parking Also, Im handicapped and in a wheelchair and I was wondering how accessible the place is
Posted PM beriffe, this cafe was just built, so I imagine they have to follow all guidelines to wheelchair access. A quick phone call there should answer all your questions in detail. Although close to the city of Charleston, it is situated in the boon dogs. Us boon dog people absolutely hate to pay for parking. Verdict FREE PARKING. Amen
Posted PM Would very much like to join you all since I am new to the Charleston area but Im scheduled to work that night nd shift. If you have one of these on a weekend Ill be there.
Posted AM Hi, Yall just wondering how the party went as i I had to work. Would love to have another opportunity like that one. Take Care and Good luck.
Posted AM It looks like a beautiful place to meet new people and have a good time. count me in.


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The best way to improve conversions is to execute testing because there truly is no other method for optimizing. This truly is the only way to improve conversion rates all across the board. Testing is effective due to the range of applicability to be found with it. There are many places where testing can be of assistance such as your homepage, primary article pages, sales copy, squeeze pages and more. You will observe that nearly all people begin with the headline because it is crucial. Due to the fact that the fundamental testing method involves A/B split testing, there are going to be no problem with it. Keep reading because we will discuss some useful information pertaining to testing and getting your tracking all set up.

Testing exclusively isn't going to do anything that is useful for you. The other component of testing is tracking the visitors on your website or anything else you are testing. Tracking involves employing some form of script, or software, so you can see when a person clicks on an important link. Nevertheless, the squeeze page is is its own beast because you will know how many optins you generate compared to the number of people who visit your website. If you require an effective tracking script that is free, then you may want to check out Google Analytics.

Here is a truth regarding writing copy - no one gets the very best it can ever be right out of the gate. Designs for landing or squeeze web pages and websites often are not as optimized as they can be, too. Sales copy written by the expert copywriters in the world frequently fails the first time it is made available. Hopefully you realize that there is a very clear and powerful need to test everything for the maximum conversions attainable. We feel most online marketers neglect to do this because they simply do not know, or they are just too lazy to do it.

For A/B split testing, you need to use what is called a URL rotator script. This is typically a PHP based script that entails adding the dot php file extension at the end of the page URL undergoing testing. Then you merely upload two versions of the webpage, so they can be rotated, and begin driving traffic to it. The rotator script serves a different page to every new visitor, and so you need to test or alter only one item. You would like to assess conversion rate improvements, and that means you have to determine what triggered the change. You can test more than one thing at a time using the Taguchi multivariate testing, but that is fairly complex for nearly all online marketers.


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Lots of people delay visiting their doctors right up until they feel really really sick and refuse to go otherwise. The truth is that you can have a better chance of curing or totally preventing some illnesses simply by keeping better track of your health. This means getting yourself tested for a lots of things regularly whether you feel sick or not. These are some of the regular health checks that you need to start doing.

Nobody is too old to get his / her height measured. There is a real and sincere reason that your doctor--no matter which type you might be visiting--that you are asked to stand against the height chart on the wall just before every examination. People really do get smaller when they get older. They lose about a half an inch during each and every decade after they turn forty. This becomes greater after a person reaches seventy years of age. If you start losing height before you turn forty or at a faster rate this might be an sign of other important health problems. This is why you need to continue a close watch on your height, no matter if you only measure your height at home.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure. Lots of health conditions relate back to blood pressure--problems such as hypertension, heart attacks along with strokes. You want to keep levels low�not too low naturally, but within a healthy range for your height, weight and age. Ask your doctor where your blood pressure ought to be and then get it tested regularly to make sure that you're still in a healthy place. Pretty much every grocery store and pharmacy carries a blood pressure checker that you may use either for free or for a very reasonable price to check your pressure. If the numbers don't look right to you, ask your doctor what you should do for getting back on track (and to find out what is making your numbers change). Keeping your blood pressure in a wholesome range will allow you to stop all sorts of problems.

Check your hearing frequently. Most of us do not realise that we have started to lose our hearing until it is too late. Loss of hearing can result in loss of cognitive functionality as well as emotions of isolation and other negative psychological issues. Take part in the no cost screenings if they are offered locally and ask your doctor to do routine checks when you're in in for a check up. This will let you take preventative steps to conserve your hearing for as long as you can.

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rom derk, truth and tryst from deru.

In my opinion, either would work. Also, the words, serpent, drake, dragon and snake could be used pretty much interchangeably at that time as far as I can find out.

I should point out, I know nothing about Proto Indo European languages, so there could be any number of reasons why this would be impossible. But on paper it looks good

The Druids called themselves the Naddreds which is Gaelic for Serpent Priests. The Druids or Naddreds held the symbol of the Serpent and Dragon in the highest honour as the symbol of royality. It was recorded the Druid Arphaxad refferred to himself as thus I am a Serpent.

The priests of the Mysteries were symbolized as a serpent, sometimes called Hydra...The Serpent Kings reigned over the earth. It was these Serpent Kings who founded the Mystery schools which later appeared as the Egyptian and Brahmin Mysteries... .The serpent was their symbol...They were the true Sons of Light, and from them have descended a long line of adepts and initiates. Hall

Certainly it is true about Egyptian kings but I was not sure about the Druids being Naddreds. The Preselis little Welsh mountains look like a snake or humped dragon and are named after that, and their bluestone was treasured by the Druids, or at least the peoples who lived before the Druids whose culture they may have adopted. The sickle of the Druids may be compared to the scimitar of Saladin or SaturnKronos and is slightly serpentine if not just the crescent moon on top of Mosques. fg perhaps Dr Dre comes from here too. But if so then Patrick is George to the dragon..

A title of the Druids was Aryan meaning Pefected man, shining one or twice born in the alchemical sense. Ireland was once called Erie meaning Aryan.

What about St. Patrick and chasing the Snakes out of Ireland, when there have never been physical snakes in Ireland

No country in Europe is so associated with the Serpent as Ireland. J.Bonwick Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions

The story of Patrick is about Christianity removing the Naddreds and their wisdom Tradition and centers from Ireland. The Christians lead by Patick burned one of the largest libraries in the world holding over , texts, all the knowledge of the sciences, lore and history of the Aryan peoples. That was just the start of the cultural and physical genocide the Christians launched in Erie.

Ireland was once Erie the place called by the Hindus The seat of religion the realm of the great Naddreds the blessed land of light where thousands of people travelled from across the world to be taught in the Temples.

The three, five, seven, nineheaded snake is the totem of a race of ruler, Brahmins Naddreds who presided over the Aryan Hindus.J.H. Baecker.

The Maruts, Rudras and Pitris are esteemed Fiery dragons of wisdom, as magicians and Druids were of old.Hans F.K.Gunther the Religious Attitdues of the IndoEuropeans

These missionary Serpents became known in Mexico as the Quetzlcoatls or Kukulcans, as the Djedhi the Stable Serpents of Egypt, the Druid Adders of Britain, and the Dactyloi of Greece. It is interesting to note that wherever the Lemurian or Atlantean serpents established branches of the GWB they built temples aligned with Venus and the planet itself became associated with saviors and immortals. The immortal Osiris of Egypt, the savior Queztlcoatl of Mexico, and the World Teacher of the Christ, were intimately associated with Venus.

Egyptian ancient writings show One winter morning around the year , B.C. Thutmose III first saw a UFO.... Described as a CIRCLE of FIRE, emitted no sound, it had no voice, according to inscriptions. After some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the skies than ever. Were extremely bright or more...than the brightness of the sun, and were relatively small about in diamater. Thutmose III was taken aboard and flew up to the sky and learned the secrets of Heaven

.....among the papers of the late Professor Alberto Tulli, former Director of the Egyptian section of the Vatican Museum. It is a fragment from the Royal Annals of Thuthmosis III circa B.C. and when translated reads as follows

In the year third month of winter, sixth hour of the day...the scribes of the House of Life found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky Though it had no head, the breadth of its mouth had a foul odour. Its body one rod long about feet and one rod large, It had no voice...Now, after some days had passed over these things, Lo they were more numerous than anything. They were shining in the sky more than the sun to the limits of...heaven...Powerful was the position of the fire circles. The army of the king looked on and His Majesty was in the midst of it. It was after supper. Thereupon, they the fire circles went up higher directed towards the South.

Professor P. F. Ceccaldi, with a research team, studied some hairs from the mummys scalp. Ramesses II was thought to be yearsold when he died, and his hair had turned white. Ceccaldi determined that the reddishyellow color of the hair was due to a dye with a dilute henna solution. Many Egyptians dyed their hair, and this personal habit was preserved by the embalmers. However, traces of the hairs original color remained in the roots. Microscopic examinations showed that the hair roots contained natural red pigments, and that therefore, during his younger days, Ramesses II had been a red head. Analysis concluded that these red pigments did not result from the hair somehow fading, or otherwise being altered after death, but did represent Ramesses natural hair color. Ceccaldi also studied the crosssection of the hairs, and determined from their oval shape, that Ramesses had been cymotrich wavyhaired. Finally, he stated that such a combination of features showed that Ramesses had been a leucoderm whiteskinned person. http

Tuthmosis is the pharaoh of the Exodus in my opinion and Moses was his father Tuthmosis . There are plenty of Egyptian redheads with freckles, one a good friend of my brother and many blonde Berbers in Libya but then the coasts of Britain and ireland were often looted by Phoenicians and slaves taken well over a million over many centuries. Well we assume slaves but perhaps they wanted to live in the Med and were attracted to these exotic marauders. patrick was taken TO Ireland as a slave from Britain

Back in the middle Ages, in Europe the Bible was available only in Latin stories from the Bible were acted out in church to teach the biblical lessons to the common people. At first, the priests acted out the stories, but over time, the various trades and guilds became responsible for acting out particular legends. The masons had as their part the legends of the building of Solomons Temple, and eventually they worked it into their own Lodge ceremonies as well.

The ceremonies of Masonry came from three sources, the Masonic guilds of England, the philosophies that were current when modern Masonry was getting started , the date of the first modern grand lodge and the Hermetic writings that came from North African, Byzantine, and Moorish sources, also being discovered by European philosophers and scholars in Africa, decades before the founding of modern Masonry. These three sources are tangled up, which is why there were so many Masonic histories written for so many years. All of those sources had connections or contact with ceremonial traditions from King Solomons Temple. love dating site visit the up coming webpage

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The long bloody history of revolution is dreadful. Ignoring politics and the systems overthrown for a minute we all know that innocents suffered terribly be it in Russia, South America, France or any of the bloody coups. Europe has been lucky and the US not to have had to endure their people taken out and tortured to death by revolutionaries who behave in beastly being part of a cause and thuggy gang. It is the worst possible way of changing a political system and the Arab Spring will reveal this in time.

I therefore find myself in a difficult position with regard to the cardiovascularv epidemic, the cancer, thyroid problems, obesity and almost every other western disease which are all caused by fluoride. The deception is that this is put in the water for our teeth but the US has the most fluoride and the the most dental decay. Fluoride was used by the Nazis first in their prison camps and intended to sterilise the inmates but it is said that after one years exposure to fluoridated water a person will never be the same again. And yes it is how Prozac works it subdues emotions on a global scale and the thinking goes revolutions. Which is better for us. Bromide had long been used in prisons and institutions but fluoride seemed to do the business better as a German chemist discovered.

Westminster has been trying for years to fluoridate the Scottish water and this is from todays Scottish daily

A FRESH attempt to have fluoride added to Glasgows water supply was launched yesterday amid concerns over the safety and effectiveness of the process.

The Greater Glasgow NHS Board is to hold a public consultation on the issue, and there will be a decision in December.

The executive aims to raise the number of fiveyearolds with no dental disease from across Scotland to by . Many public health experts believe this to be unattainable without fluoridation of the water supply.

Glasgow has the worst record for oral health in Scotland and one of the poorest in Europe, with children from the most deprived areas having the most serious decay.

In places such as Moray, where the water supply is naturally fluoridated, and Newcastle and Birmingham, where fluoride is deliberately added, children at the ages of five and six have greater than fewer decayed teeth than those living in nonfluoridated areas.

Such statistics have helped persuade Greater Glasgow NHS Board to begin a third attempt to add fluoride to the city water supply, knowing the previous attempts failed in the face of public opposition and legal challenges.

The Scottish Executives longdelayed response to the public consultation on fluoridation is expected in the autumn. The consultation period was extended because of the overwhelming number of responses it attracted.

Fluoride is not added to the water supply anywhere in Scotland and, without the blessing of ministers, the health board is thought to be powerless to act, but is clearly determined to maximise public support for its stance in the meantime.

Health authorities in England and Wales already have the power to force water companies to add fluoride to the water supply, so long as the local community approves.

The British Dental Association says fluoridation is safe and does not infringe on civil liberties. It supports targeted water fluoridation in areas with high levels of tooth decay.

Now this is not the way is it But bear in mind just how unstable our western populations are and how angry about for example race which if exploited would lead to the worst revolutions and blood letting ever seen.

There is another way the way and a bit of honesty all round. Scotland actually proves that it is better not to put industrial poisons in the water and is very proud of its lovely water anyway.

Politicians and dentists should read this first and so should we, but of course if we were not drinking the stuff we would go mad with rage. As it is we get a bit upset and have a cup of fluoride tea.

QUOTElivingQUOTEreve One such intriguing anecdote speaks of Formorian King Morc and his great tower made of glass. From his tall tower on Tory Island, this evil king and his brother Conan kept watch over the land of Ireland. This they did by way of a magic lens, a seeing stone, or great crystal. In another legend we read of the sun king Lugh pronounced Lew. This young king did battle with a great Formorian giant by the name of Balor of the Evil Eye. In the story, dated to over five thousand years ago and thousands of years before the socalled Israelites appeared in history, Lugh rode out toward his rival carrying with him his only weapon a sling. That is right. Lugh struck out Balors eye with his shot tathlum, thereby slaying his giant nemesis, the scourge of his people. Now where have we heard that tale before

Very interesting Positive Forward your Bel may well be one eyed and more if Baal and Goliath are too. The Phoenicians Baal worshippers certainly reached Irelands coast. The Isle of Harris off Scotland has a beautiful stone circle from long before a pyramid was thought of and Tory Island was inhabited long before David and Goliath had their mythical battle.

Toraighs spectacular cliff scenery is complemented by a rich and varied history. The island was first occupied more than , years ago, as a Neolithic dolmen revealed. The Iron Age promontory fort of Dun Bhaloir is said to have been the stronghold of Balor na Suile Nimhe Balor of the Evil Eye, a mythical warlord prominent in the islands folk memory

The Fomorians to which Balor belonged were said to be giants, possibly from the sea and some think had the heads of goats. Irish history is very precise about its various inhabitants and quite likely this was taken to what we now call Lebanon. Balor has much in common with the Greek gods too as he knew his grandson would kill him one day and tried to have the chikldren drowned. Uranus and Kronos were both destined to meet such a fate and Kronos also had his children destroyed but by eating them.


It Will Take Much More Than A Good Diet To Achieve Weight Loss

There are people around the globe who end up choosing program such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig in an attempt to start dropping the pounds that the want to lose. One of the leading problems with this theory would be the fact that folks will join these programs, not end up achieving their goals, and just give up on losing a few pounds. The reality of the matter is that these programs are a great way to help individuals lose weight, but you need to comprehend it takes more than eating right in order to achieve your weight loss goals. For those of you searching for much more than just a diet program we are going to be discussing a number of the steps you can take on top of a good weight loss plan to be able to achieve your weight loss goals.

I'm sure you've been told that you need to drink loads of water when you're trying to lose weight but it is additionally important to remove coffee as well as other beverages from your diet. You should realize that you wind up with toxic elements inside your body everyday and by drinking a large amount of water you'll be flushing these out of your system. Even if you think your eating healthy, the toxic elements throughout your body end up limiting the quantity of nutrition that gets processed by your body. You're going to have a much easier time losing weight when your body is actually receiving the proper nutrition and by eliminating these toxins within your body you are able to achieve this.

Weight loss is additionally something that is going to be greatly benefited when you start getting the exercise that your body requires each day. You have to realize that if you consume 2000 calories in a day, but you are getting absolutely no form of exercise you are going to probably not be burning up the calories you are taking in. One more thing I would like to mention is that if you compare 1 pound of fat to 1 pound of muscle, you're going to discover that the muscle will burn off more calories in a day than a pound of fat.

Of course many individuals who are overweight cannot simply start hitting the gym because this is something that is in fact not good for them on account of health risks. You can start your exercising off slowly by going for walks and doing a few sit up's and pushups each morning and each night. It is in addition advisable to begin increasing your workouts as you go along, because the more exercises you wind up doing each day the more calories you'll wind up burning and the more fat you are going to end up losing.

For people who decide to join a diet program, take into account that these other things which we mentioned in this article will be very important if you want to lose some weight. It all boils down to whether or not you would like to drop some weight and what you're willing to do to be able to achieve this.

The true AustraloidMongoloid types would be the Eastern Indonesians, the Melanesians, the Micronesians and the Polynesians. The Polynesians are Austronesian and Melanesian. Micronesians have more Melanesian in them. Melanesians are a mix primarily of Austronesian and Papuan.

A Timorese woman, a true MongoloidAustraloid mix. Timorese are about Melanesian and Southern Mongoloid Austronesian

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Oh yeah A lot of Vietnamese men, especially the older ones, are very macho. Rough, tough, badass, hardass men. I met a lot of them when I lived in Orange County. Also, a lot of Filipino guys are also very hard. Maybe especially the older guys, but I have heard that a lot of younger Filipino men in the Philippines are very hard, rough, tough, badass, supermacho type guys. I made friends with a lot of Filipinas on dating sites and the husbands were all macho bastards. They drank, gambled and especially fucked around like crazy. They all cheated on the women. Especially when the women went overseas to work, the guys all take mistresses. Filipino guys are badass motherfuckers

Of course older Japanese society is very rough, tough and hard. The men rule that place with an iron fist. I met a lot of Japanese guys when I worked in Gardena, and especially the older ones were very macho type guys. Badass dudes. There seemed to be a connection whereby the more connected a guy was to Japan, the more tough and macho he was. I also met a lot of younger Japanese guys with deep connections to Japan typical of Gardena. These young teenage boys were quite masculine. One thing you noticed was tightly controlled emotions and a strong hatred and distaste for homosexual men.

I spent some time around the Chinese sections of LA, and there are organized crime gangs there called Tongs. The young men there are very hard, rough and tough. You really do not want to mess with them at all. And the Chinese women those gang guys had did seem to be the cream of the crop. I met quite a few Chinese women when I was getting my Masters. I asked around about Chinese guys and the general impression was not that they were pussies. I knew this one woman, and I was talking to her about a recent Chinese movie getting showed around in the West.

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What about in terms of looks I personally find Northeast Asian women more attractive, but all the white guys who go to Asia seem to go the Southeast.

The Mongoloid race is newer in SE Asia than in NE Asia. In NE Asia, there was a full transition from Australoid to Mongoloid , YBP. In SE Asia, the full transition occurred as late as , YBP, hence you do tend to see more Australoid features in the SE Asian Mongoloids because the transition was so recent. I suppose to be crude you could say that SE Asians retain more archaic features, and NE Asians have fewer archaic and more progressive features.

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With such atrocious fundamentals, all the Hindutva drivel about India Rising and India Shining will remain just that, drivel.

Whereas Chinese leaders are selected primarily based on merit and qualifications, Indian politics is largely a family affair e.g. the NehruGandhi dynasty in which performance is irrelevant but blood ties all important.

The Indians, by contrast, have never articulated a collective vision and are therefore content with a hodgepodge of castebased feudalism, socialist license raj, and neoliberal excesses a little something to appease every constituency and ideological group.

And just to miff the Hindutvas and PC banshees, let me close by pointing out that Chinese are generally more intelligent and have a much tougher mental constitution, which undoubtedly contribute to their superior performance visavis the Indians.

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I think it is only applicable to about of city dweller Filipinos when suggested that they are related to Southern Chinese. I have been to quite a few places in the Philippines and most Filipinos look like native Malaysians Indonesians, and their native cultures and languages are almost alike.

The ones that look like Southern Chinese are most likely to be mixed descendants of earlier Chinese immigrants from centuries ago. Another supporting fact is that although they have been a democratic nation for longer than nearly all Asian countries, Philippines is still dirt poor, and Filipino IQ, as a whole nation, is no where near that of Southern Chinese.

However, I do see similarity with Fujianese Cantonese and Vietnamese, based on the look, culture and relatively high academicprofessional performance among these in the U.S.

Filipinos are very close to Southern Chinese. However, Thais, Lao and Vietnamese are also very close to Southern Chinese.

As far as why Thais, Lao, and Filipinos do not particularly look like Southern Chinese, that is because they are heavily admixed with native SE Asian or native Filipino. In Filipinos, the male line is Ami from Taiwan, but the female line is ancient island SE Asian related to protoTai from , YBP. This was basically an Australoid or Melanesian type grouping. The male line via Taiwan aborigine is not related to more recent infusions of Chinese genes in Filipinos over the past years.

It is well known that Vietnamese were predominantly Australoid Melanesian until , YBP. At that time, there was a huge infusion of genes from Southern China Cantonese region and they transitioned from Australoid to Mongoloid SE Asian type. They had already been transitioning this way for , years, but the mass infusion of Chinese genes helped them along. Group live video sex chat a18a1tee

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I think im going to join and say im a Jew from Rawanda and sefardic and post a picture of Idi Amin

Quote from mord on June , , PM I think im going to join and say im a Jew from Rawanda and sefardic and post a picture of Idi Amin

Your right Uganda, im going to do it ,they ask for the Rabbi of your shul the rabbi of my shul is Sefardic

The top Bukharian one was made by Larissa Eidlina, she makes them professionally at

Turban cloths are generally just solid coloured, you might get the embroidered patches on the ends or striped ends like the afghan lungee, they make designer patterened ones as well, but usually they just vary in fabric. Also the style of how you wrap it makes a big difference Speaking of desi hats, the sindhi cap is quite nice, what the guy with the long hair is wearing. Some of them are heavily embroidered with bits of mirror etc in the hat, I have one myself which I got from Pakistan.

Had a similar hat given to me by the Messianic Jewish Rabbi of my fellowship..though as I have long hair myself i.e. dreadlocks, its difficult to fit all of my hair in one and I was hoping to find one that could suit me. If it was in regards to finding hats based in Jewish culture that could fit long hair like dreadlocks, the closest ones that come to mind are those worn by Ethopian Jews

The Rabbi of my fellowship has actually boughtworn one of those during the Passover Sedars we have yearlyand though were were taken aback by it as most assume all head coverings for Jews are the same, I was very glad for his being intentional in displaying the great variety of headcoverings one can wear whenever it comes to practicing ones faith. For others often think the only kind of coverings one can wear that are authentically Jewish are those worn by others from European Jewish ancestry while never seeing the sheer diversity that is within Jewish culture. Others are often unaware of how deeply connected the Ethopian culture is to ancient Judaismand some of this was discussed more indepth in a thread entitled Ethopian Orthodoxy vs Eastern Orthodoxy Which ones closer to st Century Judaism. As it concerns the style of head coverings they have, Id love to get one head covering from the Ethopian side myself and have been torn about it at times, though the rabbi of my fellowship has often noted how not having one doesnt make one less of a disciple of the Lord....or any less connected to Jewish culture if they dont have a hat of a certain kind.

To see others who may be Jewish and yet wear head coverings of differing varities has been a joy for me to discover and Im glad for others noted so as well.

Having dreadlocks myself, Ive often simply opted for wearing the traditional TamsKunnis that are within my own culture...and in fellowships where there are West Indian Jewish believers or converts from West Indian backgrounds and others with dreads, the scarfstams they wear around their heads are astounding and Im always amazed at how they can fit all of that hair in one spot

Trying to find things such as Tams or a kufis which most with Dreadlocks wear and discover one that has Semitic designs has been a challenge...but Ive worn tamskufis Ive had to fellowship many times before. Some are oftens surprised to see how many Jews have worn head coverings from Jamaican culture or West Indian backgrounds, but the cultural connections run deep. Some of this I tried to discuss more indepth elsewhere in a thread entitled Reggae Righteousness Seeing Ones that are both Messianic Jewish Rastas for Christ

Also would like to say, I think its beautiful when women loosely drap a scarf around their head. There are some beautiful scarves you see around

I usually wear hats or smaller handkerchief style scarves with my hair up. longer scarvesveils are looked at as an opressiveMuslim thing to do around here, and its just easier fitting in with more trendy styles than constantly try to explain what I am up to..

Sometimes, it gets really bothersome whenever people get hung up over others looking akin to something they see in a culture or religion that may have problems. Wiccans and Pagans drink coffee at Starbucks and wear shoes, as well as clothing styles that may be designed to be environmentally considerate....but by no means do they own the market on such things, nor does it mean others who wear similar clothing styles are in any way the same as them. The same goes with a myriad of other things, be it with Christians wearing Eastern robesspecific kinds of shoes as Tibetan monks do or with disciples wearing saris as the women do in Indian. A clothing style is not something which can be dominated by one religion alone...and with others trying to demean others as Muslim for having longer scarvesveils, I tend to be of the mindset that they can respecfully get over it. For if they wish to live in an cultural ghettonot have their own horizons broaden as to what is really out there, thats sad...but its their choice.

Had a conversation recently when it came to the subject of believers not judging one another as Paul noted in Romans ...and on the issue, we were discussing how often many churches have been legalistic condeming toward others if they did things such as wearing pants or makeup....for in their interpretation of passages such as I Timothy and I Peter , they felt that such outward adornment was vain. Of course, such a view leaves out a host of other issues such as how many times makeupclothing were not to be condemned in the slightest..and as the conversation went on, the point got brought up that many churches preaching against legalism would be JUST as legalisticoppressive themselves if they saw a woman come in wearing a sarior a long scarfveil. One of the pastors even assumed that only Muslims would wear veils and scarfsbut my mindset was that people only discuss from what they know....and education is very much something in need so as to not make others feel like they must blend in with others who refuse to show the same courtesyrespect they demand when others question their own style of dress. Of course theres the reality of how often people have to get along just to get alongbut I wonder if it should be tolerated as much as others say....for even if it is difficult to constantly explain, there were many things we accept today that started out as such. People questioned for a good bit because they werent used to something...but in time, as the awareness grew, so did the acceptance of what was previously rejectedviewed with suspicion.

With scarfs and long veils, as it stands, many things already done in Islam were never originating within Islam alone when it comes to the clothing styles since much of it was already practiced by Eastern Christians long beforeand Ive been very glad for others thatve tried to aid others in realizing the dangers of guiltbyassociation mindsets as discussed elsewhere .

There is a wonderful hat shop in the Old City Jerusalem Esthers Hats that I love. Esther makes scarf tying so easy. I spend too much money there

A fool tells you everything he knows a wise man knows everything he is telling you about. Rabbi Simcha Bunim

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Easy G, its not as easy as that here. For one thing, the Turkish minority here is trying to make inroads to change the culture here this is of course only one example the other being the push for minarets, Islamic schooling in public schools, push to make girls still bend to shariah related modesty in school, violence against daughters who become secular many, many incidences, FGM, fake virginity, forced marriages illegal here, refusal to sing the national anthem, and shariah banking. And without any provocation, we have Prime Minister Erdogan Turkey coming to Germany off and on stirring things up. just one example here

There are laws about whether head coverings are allowed at school most states saying its now not allowed and a debate going up for talks about whether or not to take the French Italian stance of banning niqabburkas or all coverings incl. hijabs and scarves altogether. The only thing that will be excluded from that law would be wigs and the attire of a Nun. Im not becoming a nun any time soon...


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